Develop Faster. Manage Better.

 The Elko App Builder is changing how companies develop and manage their applications.

DevOps in a box

Enable developers to provision infrastructure in a few clicks. No more waiting for other teams to do the groundwork.

Ensure quality code, every time

With guardrails set up for security, health checks and comprehensive testing, you can have confidence that you and your team are developing a quality application.

Rapid development

 Build enterprise level apps or prototype a Proof of Concept in a few clicks. Get your product to market faster than ever before.

Application Portfolio Management

Nest all your applications in one spot and never go a moment without knowing the status of your software.

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Enterprise grade hosting & development

A robust platform with everything you need to develop to the highest quality


Plug & Play

Deployment pipelines, infrastructure, monitoring and alerting are all set up for you.

Built in Analytics

Access to everything you need to know about app performance and usage data for marketing insights.

Use Your Infrastructure

Elko App Builder plugs into and works with your existing cloud provider. Have full control of your infrastructure.

Immediate Onboarding

Everything , including your local development environment is dockerized and ready to develop.


Secure By Default

Security all taken care of. Get in touch with us for special use-cases like HIPAA and PCI compliance, we do that too.


30 Day Free Trial

Security all taken care of. Get in touch with us for special use-cases like HIPAA and PCI compliance, we do that too.

Provision infrastructure in minutes

The App Builder builds fully functional application architecture in just a few clicks.


The App Builder keeps everything needed for development in one place.


  • Organized repositories for each service
  • Curated application templates
  • Provision microservice infrastructure in a few clicks
  • Support for Heroku, AWS, and Azure
  • Fully automated Continuous Delivery pipelines

Manage like never before

Health checks and routine testing keep your software operating at its best 

  • Microservice visualization
  • Logging and monitoring integrated with Coralogix,
  • Alerting
  • Static code quality scanning
  • Dynamic roadmap for improving code quality issues
  • Bug reports to prevent bugs from making it into production

Secure by default

Guardrails set up so that developers are always on the right track


  • Secrets management
  • Authentication and authoriztion
  • Identity and access management
  • Secured networks.
  • Static security analysis on all code
  • Dynamic security testing

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