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Each website, web app, and mobile app is unique. That’s why we send you free estimates unique to your project! With that being said, most applications we build or packages we sell fall into the three categories below.

What you Get when Working with Elko

Have your app stand out from all the rest

The App Builder

When you work with us you get take advantage of our App Builder.  We spin up everything needed to start working on features specific to your app in minutes. Saving thousands of dollars and weeks of time

Beautifully Designed Apps

Keep your users excited with eye catching visuals, great UI/UX designs, animated logos and more!

Gamify Your App

Increase user engagement by gamifying your app. Drive desired behavior by rewarding users with fun animations, earning points, earning status, or even sending gifts.

Product Workshop

Have an idea but don’t know if its worth purseing? You can work with us to go through a product workshop where we do market research, feature planning, low-fidelty wireframes and more to vet your product!

Agile Development

Let’s get away from waterfall delivery. We deliver products iteratively so that you get a fully functional app every week you work with us.

Complete Product

We always deliver a complete product that has everything needed to make sure you’re successful. Google/Facebook login, push notifications, analytics on your app, and more come standard when working with us.

Make the App Everyone is talking about

Elko has released apps that are used by millions of people every single day.


Check out below for some frequently asked questions about our App Builder and our mobile app and web app development services.

Whats different about Elko over other Dev shops?

A lot! We could be here all day. But a few things that stand out. 1. The app builder we created in house to save you time and money. 2. Our experienced staff who have released and deployed 100’s of apps 3. Our commitment to delivering better apps than anyone else out there

Do you offer Virtual Reality Development?

We have experience in AI, image recognition, and even augmented reality! In general, we have not come across a technical piece we cannot do.  Of course, sometimes certain technologies do not come cheap, so it becomes less of a question of can Elko do it, and more of a question of does this deliver enough value to my product to justify doing it?

What if I have a budget?

There’s typically two ways to work with us. We can provide estimates for all the features that you want (you decide on the features and we provide the cost) OR you can state what your budget is and we can let you know what we can build with that (you state the budget and we tell you what features can fit into that). 

Do I have work with Elko in person?

While our main offices are out of Chicago and Minneapolis, you do not have to come to us in order to work with us. We have launched many successful products  all while working remotely with clients. With that being said, we have been known to fly out to clients to visit them from time to time, and of course you are always more than welcome to come visit us at our office (happy hour on us if you do come by!)

Can I use you to just do design and not development?

Of course again! Ideally we get to work with you on the development phase of your project as well, but our expert UI/UX designers would be more than happy to design your logo and your application regardless of whether or not Elko will do development.

So you sent me an estimate for my app, am I obligated to go with everything on that estimate?

Think of the estimate like an à la carte menu.  You get to pick and choose which features you do or do not want on your app. That’s why our estimates are broken down to specific individual features, each with an associated cost, so you get to decide what is staying in or what is going out for your app. 

Who do you typically build apps for?

We make the rounds here! Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large enterprises have all been impressed with our technology and ability to deliver custom apps.

Does Elko help with fundraising?

When you want to raise capital for your startup, Elko can coach you through the process as we have gone through it with clients many times. One of the items that we help most with is working with you to create a clickable prototype, 

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