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Angie owns a property management company in San Diego. Her company ran into issues with disputes between landlords and tenants over deposits. She needed a solution where new tenants could log detailed and systematic images of the property condition when they move in, eradicating gray areas and the need for disputes. The idea for Deposit Defender was born.

She had previously gone to another agency to develop her app as they’d quoted her a fantastic price. However, after the initial design phase, they surprised her by adding $43,000 to the original quote. Clearly, that wasn’t going to happen.

“I said no thank you, and went out in search of someone who could finish the job – and I ended up hiring Elko.”



“Elko really understood what I was trying to do with my app, they came in at my price range and they were prompt at returning my phone calls, so I took a chance and hired them. I passed everything I had from the other company over to Elko and they managed to turn it into something that was better than I thought it could be. Elko made the app much cleaner than the previous designs.”

“Elko were very hands on. We had regular update meetings where I would get progress reports, and lots of detail on my app. I’d definitely recommend Elko, and would use them again.”




Paul Hilsen, Managing Partner at Elko:

“At Elko we leverage our unique Elko App Builder software to build the architecture for our apps. We can do in minutes what most companies take a month to do, then our top of the line developers and designers then take care of the rest, ensuring that the final product is the highest quality on the market.”

“Because of this increased efficiency, we are able to pass cost savings over to our customers and in Angie’s case, this meant a 74% saving on what the previous agency was going to charge.”


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